About us

About us

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bob perkins

Bob Perkins

Location: Seattle, USA

alan kirk

Alan Kirk

Location: Seattle, USA

rex gan

Rex Gan

General Manager, Footwear Sourcing
Location: Dongguan, China

ivy guo

Ivy Guo

Director of Operations & HR
Location: Dongguan, China

eddie lee

Eddie Lee

General Manager, Apparel & Accessories Sourcing
Location: Hong Kong

candice watts

Candice Watts

Senior Vice President of Sales, USA
Location: Los Angeles, USA

luke struthers

Luke Struthers

Senior Vice President of Sales, Europe
Location: Leeds, UK

Malek Germanos

Chief Financial Officer
Location: Seattle, USA

jack perkins

Jack Perkins

Vice President, Growth and Operations
Location: Seattle, USA

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Internship Program

Northstar partners with leading fashion design universities in the US & UK to provide students with opportunities in design & merchandising. At Northstar, you’ll have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with leading apparel, footwear, and accessories brands. You’ll be surrounded by experts in the industry eager to help you learn and grow professionally. The work you do at Northstar is impactful on the company’s future, and often leads to full time employment.

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